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The marvelous sounds of the House of riddim band can clearly be heard in this masterpiece dubbed “Reggae Jam Riddim”. This riddim compilation boasts some of reggae music’s greatest, namely Luciano, Yami Bolo, Natural Black, Ganja Man from Europe and the legendary Utan Green in collaboration Teacha Dee who has been rising rapidly in ranks within europa.
This riddim produced by the Reggae Jam Festival team and House of Riddim should be a shot to watch. Stay tuned for the megamix coming soon.


Russian Dancehall Superstar “Lady N” releases “N’Cognito” album featuring Teacha Dee

Many people within the western world are not aware of the developments within the international scene. Most of the advances made in other countries by their own home grown talents are not highlighted in Jamaica unless these artiste some of whom have larger following than the most popular dancehall artiste locally visit Jamaica and do interviews explaining whats happening in the rest of the world.\
In this case meet Lady N, she is one of the few ladies within Europe who have been making a significant mark within Europe and voted the number Lady in the Russian market which is part of over 200 Million people. N’Cognito consist of 11 tracks which is a mixture of catchy dancehall tracks amongst these is “Only You” featuring Teacha Dee placed at track seven.
Listen a Preview of the single here.

“Come Down Again Riddim” makes it as a bonafide hit riddim.

The success of the ” Come Down Again ” riddim can be attributed to ” Perfect Giddimani and the creative genius within the Weedy G camp. The first single released of the riddim was “Laugh” by Perfect. This song quickly grew popular which may have been because of the lyrics of the song which took aim at ” Snoop Lion” in a very creative way.

          Within the first month after Perfect’s track was leaked to the masses came the full selection which made the riddim sampler explode across Europe. Teacha Dee commented on the struggle reggae music was undergoing with his track ” Can’t Kill Easy “, which can be seen as supporting the entire reggae solidarity movement. It is on this same riddim that Don Tippa recorded his scorching hit ” Hustler “

The megamix which was released on has racked up within 3 months a whopping 12,000 ( Twelve thousand) plays on soundcloud as of July 5, 2013 is clearly evidence of how massive this project is.



Weedy G’s War Riddim Presents the Four Lions, Teacha Dee calls it “The Blessing”

The signature horns known to be an integral part of the legendary Bob Marley hit song “War” and its extremely addictive baseline may have been the inspiration for this classic reggae riddim from swiss giant Weedy G. However, the mix of songs on this selection dubbed ” THE FOUR LIONS ” features Teacha Dee, Don Tippa, Mr. Ice and Suga Banton. The songs on this riddim sampler is a must have for all reggae lovers. The familiar groove modified to make a catchy remake will definitely add some accent to the already well written anthems recorded.

GMC to release “Blazing Faya Riddim” featuring Teacha Dee

The long awaited release of the “Blazing Faya Riddim” is at hand. GMC has hinted on the upcoming release by publishing a megamix of the riddim sampler on soundcloud. This megamix which starts with Teacha Dee’s single entitled ” Search Within Yourself” has within its track-list a host of well written and mixed tunes. Preview this Megamix Below.