Russian Dancehall Superstar “Lady N” releases “N’Cognito” album featuring Teacha Dee

Many people within the western world are not aware of the developments within the international scene. Most of the advances made in other countries by their own home grown talents are not highlighted in Jamaica unless these artiste some of whom have larger following than the most popular dancehall artiste locally visit Jamaica and do interviews explaining whats happening in the rest of the world.\
In this case meet Lady N, she is one of the few ladies within Europe who have been making a significant mark within Europe and voted the number Lady in the Russian market which is part of over 200 Million people. N’Cognito consist of 11 tracks which is a mixture of catchy dancehall tracks amongst these is “Only You” featuring Teacha Dee placed at track seven.
Listen a Preview of the single here.

About Teacha Dee

Teacha Dee is an independent Reggae Artiste from Jamaica.

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