Teacha Dee leaves Reggae Jam fans wanting more… again.

At about 1:15 am when legendary Jamaican journalist announced to Reggae Jam that Teacha Dee was ready and back Stage, many fans were jumping in anticipation as they are very familiar with his ability to make the crowd explode.
The constraints of time however forced a cut in the set of most artiste and Teacha Dee’s set was no different. His high energy set which started with ” The Blessing ” went full speed and connected immediately. Just after singing four songs and having the crowd pumping in all directions, he announced that his set was cut, he apologize and he had only ” Smoke and Fly” to go.
The response from the crowd was a mixed one as many wanted to hear more and were brought back to his first time there under the dancehall tent which was reviewed on many websites as ” totally refreshing and entertaining but too short “. The massive understood the circumstances as Warrior King ” , “Turbulance” and the great ” Third World ” were to come next and close the show.
They however, wanted more of their favourite ” Teacha” and were left repeating the same slogan they were left with the last time, ” Teacha Dee did a good show, but it was too short “.
Overall the show went well and Reggae Jam 2013 was successfully executed. Congratulations are in order for Sheriff and the entire Reggae Jam crew.
[Photo: Dreibeiden.com]


About Teacha Dee

Teacha Dee is an independent Reggae Artiste from Jamaica.

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