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Teacha Dee’s “One Champion” is a sound system favourite

Teacha Dee - casiotone riddim

Teacha Dee – One Champion – Casiotone Riddim

With the recent release of “Long Day” on youtube. Fans have been wondering what next will Teacha Dee sing about, and he didn’t disappoint. Soon to be released is a massive “sound system tune” entitled ” One Champion”.

This track brings the listener back to the glory days of major sound system clashes in Jamaica and also the ever growing European sound system arena. The razor sharpe lyrics warms selectors about the dangers of been unprepared for a sound clash as well as to offer advice on how to be more efficient in the sound competition in order to become the “One Champion”.

This track is going to be an important addition to any dubbox and many supporters of the sound clash culture will absolutely love this one.

Teacha Dee’s “Long Day” connects deeply with fans

During the summer of 2013, Teacha Dee was in Switzerland working on some singles with the dynamic production team Weedy G SoundForce. This week saw what could be referred to as its highlight, a “Motion Clip” and song dubbed “Long Day”. This song spoke to the hard working people who are unable to get the standard amount of rest in the night due to working conditions. This video clip displayed Teacha Dee to European like never before, some websites even declared this motion clip as the official video of the single. Fans have be asking for store links as well as Vynil copies. View the youtube clip above and comments below for further proof