Teacha Dee “One of the Highlights of Reggae Jam” says Irieites.de

The sentiments of Irieites.de has been echoing all over in the online media. Coupled with the release of his first official mixtape “Rasta Ting“, Teacha Dee has had a very successful campaign on the 21st staging of the prestigious Reggae Jam Festival in Bersenbruck, Germany. The lineup boasts artistes such as Assassin, Spragga Benz, Bitty Mclean, Alpha Blondy, Mr. Lexx, Jah Sun, Anthony B and many more. The Legendary Ken Boothe, Tristan Palmer, Lukie D and Richie Campbell from Portugal were also on the roster.

After all the challenges with the weather and a branch from a tree giving way, the festival was as usual a family affair with good music and an overall good vibes. However the highlights according to Irieites.de was as they put it:

Musikalisch ging es bunt wie immer zu. Viele Artists haben mit ihren Auftritten für Glanzlichter gesorgt: Bitty McLean, David Rodigan, Teacha Dee, Alpheus, Anthony B, Winston Francis u.a.. Von denen, die ich gesehen habe, haben mich die folgenden Performances am meisten beeindruckt…

With even a limited knowledge of the German Language (Deutsch), one can clearly see Teacha Dee ranking high on their performance chart. What is said however is ” Bitty McLean, Sir David Rodigan, Teacha Dee, Alpheus, Anthony B and Winston Francis were some of the most riveting Artistes of the festival in their own respects. The article went further to speak on other noted individual performances including Fanton Mojah and an almost song for song review of the legendary Ken boothe.

Read it Here (Use Google Chromo to Translate )


About Teacha Dee

Teacha Dee is an independent Reggae Artiste from Jamaica.

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