African Integration Festival. Zurich (Switzerland)
BootsHafen Jam, Kiel ( Germany )
Curefest. Saint James (Jamaica)
Old City Bashment. Biel (Switzerland)
ReggaeJam. Bersenbruck (Germany)
Reggae Summer Night. Osnabruck (Germany)
Spring Reggae Fest. Le Mans (France)

Musik Zentrum & Klubs
Agua Plano, Cantu (Italy)
Alhambra, Oldenburg. (Germany)
Alte kaserne, Zurich (Switzerland)
Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim (Germany)

Brain Klub, Braunschweig. (Germany)
Bud Cafe 85, Longeville. (France)
Backstage, Munich. (Germany)
Brotfabrik, Frankfurt. (Germany)

Club 134, Dusseldorf (Germany)
CLub Universum, Stuttgart. (Germany)
Cupol, Biel (Switzerland)
Club Action, Ulm. (Germany)
Club Exit, Dusseldorf. (Germany)

Event House, Lampertheim. (Germany)

Faust, Hannover. (Germany)

Insel, Berlin. (Germany)

Kulturfabrik Löseke, Hildesheim. (Germany)

Luxor, Koln. (Germany)
Live Club, Liége. (Belgium)

Magnapop, Krefeld. (Germany)
Mahuum Bar, Mannheim. (Germany)

Ot Vita, Cologne. (Germany)

Nuff Nuff,  Cesena (Italy)

Petit Prince, Koln. (Germany)
Pilot Bar, Munich. (Germany)

Rude 7, Mannheim. (Germany)
Riddim Club, Cesena (Italy)
Riddim CLub, Telfs. (Austria)

Smelstiegl, Koln. (Germany)
Stadtgarten, Koln. (Germany)

Tivoli, Utrecht (Holland)
The Riddim Club, Utrecht. (Holland)

U-Club, Wuppertal. (Germany)
Unikeller, Osnabruck. (Germany)

Waagenbau, Hamburg. (Germany)

XO Club, Braunschweig (Germany)
Yaam, Berlin. (Germany)

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