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Gentleman gave Teacha Dee a passing grade

Teacha Dee and Gentleman onstage Rude 7, Germany

Teacha Dee and Gentleman onstage, Rude 7, 2014 ( photo by 2014

If you were asked to name any sinlge reggae act based in Europe, whom you would expect to full to capacity any venue within the first week of promotion, then your first answer would have to be Gentleman. Although he is not the only major reggae act within the multicultural reggae scene which now flourishes in Europe, he has been recognised as one of the pioneers of the moment and an inspiration to most of the current megastars from Italy to Sweeden and even America.

On friday the 4th of April he was booked to perform in Mannheim’s number one reggae spot RUDE 7 along with Silly Walks Music as apart of a special show which when annouced was sold out almost immediately. Also slated to perform was Mannheim’s very own “Skarra Mucci” who has opted to invite “Teacha Dee” in order to promote “Farword inna the dance” and “Red” as well as to present Teacha Dee to the massive most of whom were familar with ” Smoke and Fly ” sung by Teacha Dee years before but were unfamiliar with his image before the release of ” Long Day ” selfie video and ” Red” videos repectively.

The highlight of the night, Gentleman, gave what was to many one of his classic performances on a close and personal level included also were singers from his entourage ” The Mighty Tolga”, ” Tamika” and ” Treesha “. Within his set also he took time out to re-introduce “Skarra Mucci” to the packed club along with “Teacha Dee” and “Don Tippa”.

It was at this time that all the energies of the night came into a broiling mix and the massive along with Gentleman were bouncing to the uptempo riddim and the medley of artistes that came at them. The smiling face of Gentleman and his participation within the routine also made the patrons fo wild and this was by no mistake the support Teacha Dee needed most of which has been provided by Skarra Mucci all along the way. This was definately a passing grade for the ” Teacha ” from Jamaica.

(Above picture provided by Virtual Nights all rights reserved)


Teacha Dee’s “One Champion” is a sound system favourite

Teacha Dee - casiotone riddim

Teacha Dee – One Champion – Casiotone Riddim

With the recent release of “Long Day” on youtube. Fans have been wondering what next will Teacha Dee sing about, and he didn’t disappoint. Soon to be released is a massive “sound system tune” entitled ” One Champion”.

This track brings the listener back to the glory days of major sound system clashes in Jamaica and also the ever growing European sound system arena. The razor sharpe lyrics warms selectors about the dangers of been unprepared for a sound clash as well as to offer advice on how to be more efficient in the sound competition in order to become the “One Champion”.

This track is going to be an important addition to any dubbox and many supporters of the sound clash culture will absolutely love this one.

Teacha Dee for Rude 7’s Tribute to Jamaica’s Independence

This friday August 8th, Rude 7 will be Buzzing with three days of independence celebrations for Jamaica and Jamaicans. This event will feature a live band show and fans will be able to see Teacha Dee up close on Stage for some more quality entertainment.