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Teacha Dee releases ” Rasta Ting ” mixtape crafted by Bigmama Sound

The talented trio of Bigmama Sound: Cuttia Ranks, Nimeesha and Lynn Lugar have released ” Rasta Ting ” which is the first official mixtape for Jamaican born Europe based reggae/dancehall artiste Teacha Dee.

This mixtape consist of 26 tracks including an intro from Peter Tosh who was also a son of the parish of westmoreland in Jamaica. This mixtape is available for free download and can be found on many forums and reggae websites.

Listen from soundcloud


Download the mixtape in two versions below.

Split Track Mixtape bundle

Full length mix bundle (single mp3 file)

“Better Run Riddim” from Dub Inc to be released March 30th


Dub Inc on stage

Dub Inc on stage

Dub Inc a frenched based band, has released a massive riddim compilation entitled ” Better Run Riddim”. This has some top caliber artiste such as: Kymani Marley, Morgan Heritage, VC, Richie Spice, Skarra Mucci, Esco Levi, Torch, Teacha Dee and Don Tippa as well as a single from the Dub Inc band from which the riddim got it’s name.

Teacha Dee along with Skarra Mucci and Don Tippa recorded a massive herbsman tune called ” Medication ” which carries a message from the perpective of the farmer to the smoker. The Megamix of this riddim selection can be heard below: #Reggaeville

“Dwello” by Teacha Dee another Classic Reggae Hit

The name of this new reggae single from Teacha Dee will have you wondering about it’s meaning. Normally one could read the name of a song and immediately have some idea of what the song is about. However, “Dwello” is exactly the opposite of this trend. This song can only be understood when you listen to its classic arrangement, done by Italian top producer GREEZZLY and the lyrics cleverly delivered. You will get a clear understanding within the few seconds of the punchline.

This song wich is apart of a riddim compilation called ” Joyful Riddim” has struck many listeners in places few reggae artistes were able to reach in recent times. With a break from the present “rapish” type of reggae comes “Dwello”. If ou want to know what the term means and what the song is about then you will have to just listen to it. The Riddim also includes Skarra Mucci, Don Tippa, Teejay and more

“Mek It Rock” about to go Viral

The first release of 2015 from Jamaican born European reggae star Teacha Dee, has been creating waves on the Internet starting off with over 10,000 plays within 24 hours of its official promotional release on soundcloud by Reggaeville.

This Dancehall track produced by La Familia West, also from Jamaica has a catchy hook coupled with a riveting old school dancehall beat much to the delight of the ladies to whom this song was directed.
Ladies worldwide who are avid fans of authentic dancehall music have been playing and promoting this single non-stop on various social media. This track which shows a more entertaining side of Teacha Dee may very wellbe his second chart topper within the European dancehall arena.

“Shell it down” by Teacha Dee and Swiss producer Johnny Roxx taking Dancehall/EDM by storm.


Teacha Dee – Shell it down from the Onion Jerk Riddim

Swiss producer Johnny Roxx released a modern styled dancehall riddim dubbed “Onion Jerk Riddim”. This compilation has within its ranks veterans such as Perfect Giddimani and Left Side of the duo Leftside and Esco.

Within this line up comes a single from Teacha Dee called ” Shell it Down ” which is the second in a series of party tunes done close to the chart topping single Party Day. This song has been getting great reviews as well as opening a new market of fans to Teacha Dee’s music worldwide. Listen “Shell it downHere

“Party Day ” hits Number 1 in Germany

Recently Teacha Dee broke from his normal routine and recorded what many deemed to be his first true party song.
This track entitled Party Day produced by newcomers Dancehallrulerz out of Germany, rocketed to the number 1 spot on two occasion on the German Reggae Charts #34 presented by and Riddim Magazine.
Party Day stood within the top five for the entire month of September and up until 10th of October was sitting at the edge of the top 10.
This amazing run lasted over a three month period starting August through
September. Listen Party day Here.

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