Teacha Dee and Sound Generators for Mainz Open Air.


The city of Mainz in Germany will be having their annual open air festival this summer. Teacha Dee and Sound Generators band will be there. Also on the roster is Soundition, Da Fuchaman and the EPG Sound System.

This event will take place on the 2nd of July in Mz-Kastel. The promoters Irie Vibes are expecting a large turn out which is customary for open air presentations in this area.


Teacha Dee rocks Dusseldorf.

dusseldorf Teacha 2

Chanta Crew in association with Roots Rebel Sound invited Teacha Dee to perform in Club Exit as replacement for Jah Bouks who was unable enter Europe for his booking. These last minute arrangements resulted in a surprise Teacha Dee performance for Düsseldorf.

Singing U aka Bobo Israel who was present opened the live show with an energetic set after some hours of hard hitting sound system juggling. Teacha Dee then graced the stage at approximately 2PM and gave a long interactive performance which lasted until about 3:30 AM.

Teacha Dee attempted to end the live segment by calling Singing U on stage for a freestyle, but the crowd kept calling for more. Teacha Dee then sang two more songs before bringing the live music to an end followed by a very loud applause blended with shouts of approval.

The patrons that were in Club Exit were quite happy. They spoke volumes about his performance on Facebook and other social media the following day.



Brotfabrik thanks Teacha Dee.


“We would like to say a big thanks to Teacha Dee. It was indeed a great show”, said Miss Brake managing director of the Brotfabrik. Teacha Dee’s performance started sharply at 9:00 PM and ended a few before 12:00 AM.

The show was divided into two parts with a brief pause in the middle, going from song to song in a smooth but deliberate manner. Teacha Dee entertained the crowd with sporadic bursts of dancing reminiscent of the reggae roots era.

There were many highlights, the most memorable may have been the riveting lyrics of “Long Day” or “The Blessing”. Teacha Dee and Sound Generators also premiered two songs off their upcoming album which was still in production.

In closing Teacha Dee introduced the band members to the people personally to the delight of the massive. He also did a meet and greet where he signed autographs and took photos.

“Good Show” says Austria.

Teacha Dee in Austria

Big Mama Sound (LF), Teacha Dee, Skarra Mucci (LB), Invasion Sound (R), I-Nity (RB)

The recent visit to Austria for the 5th anniversary of the Riddim Bar located in mountainous regions of Austria called Telfs, was a resounding success.

The entertainment package consisted of Skarra Mucci, I-Nity for Undisputed Records, Big Mama Sound and Teacha Dee as invited guests. Invasion Sound which hosted the event as the local reggae heavy weights represented for Austria.

This event dubbed the “Mannheim Invasion” unofficially, was well received by the lovely people of Telfs, Tirol and other adjoining communities. The warm sunny weather was also a plus, as it did not hinder any0ne from enjoying the music from the islands.

As was expected, Teacha Dee and Big Mama Sound delivered a powerful set in the opening segment, which was followed by a massive set from Skarra Mucci and I-Nity. The party fans were left wanting more way into the early hours of the morning when Big Mama sound on their second round hammered dubplates after dubplates with Invasion sound until the break of dawn. The patrons openly expressed their satisfaction with the performances, especially the final two songs of Skarra Mucci’s set.  Skarra Mucci and Teacha Dee closed the live performance segment with Red,  and Forward Inna the Dance.

View Photos HERE

” Traffic Light Dread” takes to the streets

Giddimani Records in association with House Of Riddim partnered in releasing the latest single form Teacha Dee dubbed ” Traffic Light Dread “.

This single is apart of the ” Bay Area Riddim ” which was released on February 12 of this year. Teacha Dee also released the official artwork for the single which shows him standing beside a traffic light in the busy intersections of Mannheim, Germany.

This single is projected to do well and has been getting good reviews from selectors and deejays. Listen ” TRAFFIC LIGHT DREAD “… click HERE

Traffic Light Dread

Teacha Dee – Traffic Light Dread ( Official Artwork 2016 )

Jah Jah is calling Video out now!

The hard hitting single ” Jah Jah is calling” now has a video to compliment it. This video was set against the backdrop of a monument erected in memory of Martin Luther located in Worms Germany. Worms and early Germany’s (which was known asThe Holy Roman Empire” then) was the scene of a major theological and political battle in the midd 1500s between Luther and the Papacy and thus was deemed relevant to the theme of the song.

Chanting words such as ” Baybylon system ago fall ” and ” youths don’t follow them, that is dumb, them nuh have no wisdom “, Teacha Dee sought to blend the past with the present from the very beginning of the video.  This is evident in the beginning where a real “Dubplate” can be seen playing on a Jamaican themed turntable.

Although “Jah Jah is calling” is not available on vinyl, the presence of the turntable and a hint of vinyl is also something of the past, musically.

Watch the video here or view it below.

“Bay Area Riddim” slated for Feb. 12th

House of Riddim along with Giddimani Records will be releasing the much anticipated riddim compilation entitled ” Bay Area Riddim ” on February 12, 2016.

This hard hitting Reggae composition has in it’s line up Perfect Giddimani, Teacha Dee, Ras Attitude, Young Shanty feat. Skarra Mucci, Menny More, Bobby Hustle, Robbie Rule, Dajure, Andi Ites, Don Tippa and Da Fuchaman.

This release is expected to create a wave within the reggae scene. House Of Riddim delivered another classic riddim and the production team from Giddimani Records has assembled this project with a wealth of expertise. Stay Tuned.

Bay Area Riddim 2016

Bay Area Riddim 2016


“Jah Jah is Calling” says Teacha Dee

Kathmandu Productions in partnership with House Of Riddim have released their first riddim selection for 2016 entitled “Pac Man Riddim“.

This selection features Natural Black, Perfect Giddimani, Danny Ranks, Dr. Ring Ding, I Razor and nine other artistes. Songs were delivered in German, Italian, Swiss German and English/Jamaican Languages respectively.

Amongst these assorted expressions comes Teacha Dee’s first release of 2016 dubbed ” Jah Jah Is Calling” which has been getting good reviews on the internet. Below is the official Megamix from House of Riddim and Kathmandu Productions for your listening pleasure.

There are also several different Megamixes available on youtube from other deejays from several countries across the world. You can also listen – Jah Jah is calling –  HERE ON YOUTUBE

Official Video for “See Saw “Premieres today


Teacha Dee’s single “See Saw“which was previously released on the 1oth of August 2015, now has a video to support it.

This video premiered official on Reggaeville today (Tuesday December 15, 2015) and was subsequently dispersed across the entire European Reggae scene from various other  cultural website. ..

Preview it: Click to watch video

Life is like a “See Saw” says Teacha Dee in new single.

[youtube https://youtu.be/cf9AcdfFaYI]

Sazzah Studio records has official released the latest single from Teacha Dee titled “See Saw”. This song is a slow and deep message about the “up and Downs” in life mixed with suggestions about taking the ride. Don Tippa feat Laveka, Mr Ice feat. Ed Robinson, Antonio Strike & Paolinho all provided collaborations whilst Sud Sound System and Cheryl Lo Manto provided the remainder of this six song set called the ” Believe Riddim”.

Teacha crafted this song in the theme of a popular children’s ride called a See Saw, which spins on a central pivot carrying a individual at opposite ends up in the air respectively. This mellow reggae groove is easy on the ears and massively positive.