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New single from Skarra Mucci and Teacha Dee turns facebook “RED”

Just minutes into the 18th of January, as was promised ” Red ” hit the airwaves and free downloading platforms all over the internet.This wave of social sharing and promotion centered in Europe connected people from as far as South Africa and as close as Jamaica.This release which comprises of a hilarious video produced by Leonard Corbelli and its accompanying MP3 free give away, was shared with translation in approximately seven different languages within five social networks worldwide.
The outcome of this endeavor will be evident in just a few weeks and already within its early hours there have been signs of massive support.

This social cohesiveness by the people displayed on the internet, sends a strong message to the corrupted or otherwise
influenced major industry.
It states in no uncertain term that the power to make or break a hit song exist with the people.
View video on youtube here Red on Youtube