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“Juicy Beats 2012” in Dortmund Germany, explodes for Teacha Dee

In Dortmund Germany, patrons gather annually for what was the 17th staging of the mighty “Juicy Beats” festival. This festival had 100 Djs, 40 bands and 6 stages and is obviously one of Europe’s major outdoor events. The audience which numbered somewhere within 30 thousands and this is just an estimate, went crazy to the electronic sounds of Teacha Dee’s “Beat Babylon” coupled with a hard driving bass and the screaming voices or the Symbiz Selectors. This high energy crowd could be heard singing the track in unison from as far back as eyes can see. This is clear evidence of the success this track is having on the drum and bass scene.
Below is a video clip of what took place, viewed from the stage.

This is the official trailer showing the amount of people who were present at JUICY BEATS 2012 the 17th edition