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Spliff and Beer” stands out on the kickdown riddim by Jugglerz Records

¬†With the sound of a starting motorcycle engine comes a very powerful riddim entitled “Kickdown Riddim”. On this riddim one can hear the vocals of many Jamaican top acts such as Konshens, Beenie Man, Elephant Man and more. The party vibe along with merry drinking was echoed in many ways and so was Teacha Dee’s single ” Spliff and Beer”. Within this track, one will hear a full story about one night on the town, driving to kiosks for beers and just having a goo time within the club.

The marriage of “spliffs” with Beers as was skillfully vocalized in this single, shows great potential of been a long lasting popular hit with the dancehall audiences worldwide especially in Europe in the cold season where beers are consumed much like water studies suggest. This one is a must have if you enjoy a spliff with an ice cold beer while rocking to your favorite sound system or live band.. its the main fuel of various dancehall parties and night life.

Teacha Dee encourages “Freedom” on “Naughty Wifey Riddim”.

Deebuzz Music along with Hard2Def released what can be termed as a very hard hitting dancehall riddim for the fall season in Europe. This riddim consist of a mixture of German artistes and Jamaican artistes with songs skillfully crafted to express various meditations centered around the “Naughty Wife” concept. Teacha Dee however, has deviated from the norm as he has done numerous times and recorded a cryptic message to the masses entitled “Freedom”.

This explosive track along with its booming riddim consisting of wild riffs mostly heard within the rock circles, has been creating waves especially amongst the females as the low hard driving vocals are captivating and message solidly written. Take a listen to this track and discover for yourself the basic but effective flow of what many dubbed the missing art of “deejaying” believed to be lost with the founding fathers of dancehall music. Listen the song below..soundcloud link)

(Soundcloud Link)